Stretching Students' Potential


This is a big step for your child as they will be deciding on a suitable choice that will be able to cater to their educational needs. Several options lie before many of these young hopeful students after O levels.

At JC1, your child may face a challenge in the curriculum. They will need constant encouragement and at times, a tutor who can enlighten them . When they start understanding everything in the syllabus, they start to grow in confidence and would be able to tackle the examination without any nervousness. Understanding is one key factor. Promoting and conquering JC2 would not be much of a problem anymore.

In Arriter, we have a pool of experience tutors / teachers who are specialise in teaching all academic study curriculum while identifying your child’s problem and work with them in positive, personalised attention and constructive ways to achieve success. But, to succeed requires patience, a lot of practice, and hard work.

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