The Beginning


While 3- 4 year-old still needs plenty of parental help, our preschool experts agree that children are typically able to do more than many of us think.

Helping the child to be more independent is something most parents would want to achieve. As you teach your child how to be independent, you also need to teach how to be safe. Rules and responsibilities will let your child know what to expect. Let your child know that they are important to you by taking time off to talk with them. Having frequent conversations helps them gain self-confidence. It is tough these days to even greet your child but it would be healthy if parents can read storybooks to your child every day. Treat it as a time to bond and understand each other better.

In Arriter, we have a pool of experience tutors / teachers who specialise in teaching all academic study curriculum while identifying your child’s problem and work with them in positive, personalised attention and constructive ways to achieve success. But, to succeed requires patience, a lot of practice, and hard work.

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